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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Switching to new SEO Theory blog

I've long been wondering if I should not stop focusing on Google (with this blog) and expand the scope of my SEO blogging to cover all the major search engines. In fact, at least one Googler has suggested in my comments here that would be preferable.

So, while I'll still have many things to say about Google in the future (including, I hope, many positive things), I'll be saying them as part of a much broader commentary on search engines. Accordingly, I have set up a new blog on SEO Theory and will subsequently share my search engine-related thoughts there.

And I thought I should explain my situation a little better. In September I was offered and accepted a position as Director of Search Strategies with an Internet Marketing firm here in Seattle. We discussed my online visibility and how that might impact relationships with clients, or just my job performance in general. At the time it was agreed that I should become less active in the online SEO community.

Since then, I've been told it's okay to discuss SEO principles in general, but obviously with the expectation that I stay focused on my job. So I still won't be nearly as active and visible in the forums as I once was. But I plan to be more active on SEO Theory than I have been on Google Says ... over the past few months. I'll leave this blog in place for as long as the service allows it, since there are inbound links to the articles.

Thanks to all of you who have stopped by to share your thoughts with me. I hope you'll find the new SEO Theory blog to be at least as valuable and interesting.


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